Our Story


When we had a family trip in Milan in 2016 and saw exquisite but very expensive watches we never imagined that 4 years later we would be able to start our own Watch Brand business!

An idea that turned into reality!

There are many small things in our lives that have their own value. However, there are only a few people who have great value in our lives.

The relationship that exists between us, the invisible bonds that connect us, the power that you draw, the love for these people are the elements that compose the reasons for the birth of the AV brand idea.

Most valuable things in life, its TIME’

We began studying how we could design and make our own watches. In the following months all this became passion!

A common passion.
When you want something too much, it becomes passion, the passion becomes energy that unlocks the mind and overcomes all obstacles to achieve it!

In the next few months while we got in touch with some of the best watch manufacturers

We focus on 3 things

AV Watches offer beauty with a solid heart. The art of simplicity!

I’ve never liked to overpay for a Brand. I support quality at the right price.

So will AV. When buying an AV watch you buy directly from us. Without intermediaries, without resellers, without stores and huge funds for advertising and branding. You pay what you buy without extra unnecessary costs. From the source directly to you. Internationalization.